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Littleton, NH among picks for America's best main streets....

Littleton Area Recreations & Escapes

Hiking - Rock Climbing

Perambulating Alpine RidgelinesRenown as a hiker's paradise for over a century, the nearby White Mountains host innumerable modalities of escape, adventure, recreation, and danger....

View from Mt. Lincoln on the Franconia Ridge
View south from Mt. Lincoln on the Franconia Ridge


Golf bagsMapleWood Country Club and Hotel
Bethlehem, NH

Local Biking Clubs

Littleton Landsharks-Mountain Biking
Littleton Bike Shop
Littleton Bike Shop

Fishing and Boating

Moore Dam offers boat launches and fishing spots for all


Canadian Gray Jay
Bring your binoculars!

PRKR Mtn Trails

22 mile network of handbuilt community-driven mountain bike, hiking, skiing, and running trails in Littleton Visit Website →
PRKR Mtn Trails

Walking tours, local parks and more activitiesin Littleton

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