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Littleton Hometown Volunteer Heroes
Sad & tragic premature demise of Old Man of the mountains
The Old Man:
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Pearls before Primates:

Good breeding consists of concealing how much we think of ourselves and how little we think of the other person.
-Mark Twain

Littleton River District Commission
Littleton Water and Light Dept.
Serving the Community since 1903

Littleton NH Town Information

Littleton Police Department
West Main Street
Littleton, NH 03561
Chief Paul J. Smith

Littleton Fire Department
230 West Main Street
Littleton, New Hampshire
603-444-2137 & 444-2218
603-444-2218 fax
Chief Joseph Mercieri, Jr.
Captain Jeff Whitcomb

Highway Department
240 W. Main Street, Littleton
Open Monday-Friday 6:30 - 3
phone: 444-5051


Littleton Opera House

Littleton Town Offices

Town Clerk's Office
125 Main Street, Suite 200
Littleton NH 03561
Fax: (603)444-1703

Town Information

Littleton Town Website


Littleton Water and Light
65 Lafayette Ave.
Littleton, NH 03561
(603) 444-2915
Fax: 444-2718
Office Hours:
Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:00

Littleton Public Library
92 Main Street
Littleton, NH 03561
Fax: 603-444-1706

Transfer Station & Recycling Center
Mt. Eustis Road , Littleton
(603) 444-1447

Civic Clubs

Littleton Garden Club
106 Pleasant Street
Littleton, NH 03561

Littleton Lions Club
P.O. Box 104
Littleton, NH 03561

Littleton Rotary Club
Littleton, NH 03561
Meets Wednesdays at Noon

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Local Celebrities
Winter Hiking: Sabbaday Falls

Littleton NH

Littleton, NH seen from Kilburn Crags
View from Kilburn Crags
Littleton Veterans Memorial Bridge dedication 2003
Littleton Veterans
Memorial Bridge

Littleton Professional Services

Quote to note:
No man who has caught a big fish goes home through an alley.
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