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Kindness in Action

When caring people join together, roll up their sleeves and take action to make their community better, it's a beautiful thing and an incredible feeling for everyone involved. That's Lions. Being a Lion is about leading by example, building relationships and improving the world through kindness. It’s 1.4 million caring men and women serving together so they can make a lasting impact and change more lives. Every Lions club is unique and serves in its own way.

Become a Lion — Benefits of Being a Lion

When you become a Lion, you become part of a global network of volunteers working together to make a difference. Here are just a few of the great benefits you can expect.

Join a Community of Good There are over 48,000 Lions clubs around the world. Each is filled with people like you who've decided to take action and serve others. Lions form unique friendships and meaningful connections that can last a lifetime.
Put Leadership Skills into Action A Lions club is a great place to develop your leadership skills and put them into action. Each club offers opportunities to lead, along with first-class training from our global association.
Access a Global Support System Every Lion and club is supported by our international association. More than 300 Lions International staff members are constantly working on tools and technology to enhance your service.
Experience the Feeling of Service At the heart of Lions clubs there is one constant: service. Giving your time and energy to others is a fantastic way to help your community. Yet, it also provides a great feeling for you that can spread and have a positive impact in your life and how you approach the world.

Being a Lion means knowing that kindness matters We believe in changing the world by serving the needs of our local communities. Lions around the world are responding to local and global challenges with kindness and care. Come volunteer with us.

To learn more about becoming a Lion, please email Rob Ellingwood.

Our Local Causes & Events

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The Littleton Lions Club supports:

Our Global Causes

While each Lions club has its own service focus, there are five global causes of particular interest around the world. These are areas of need identified, and voted on, by members and supported by our association and foundation.


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