Tester 2nd and 3rd shift Laconia Area

Need to be able to lift up 40lbs, bending, reaching, the following is a brief work instructions.

Open box with safety knife

Take two valves out and place them into the test fixture

Using toggle switches clamp parts

Turn on air supply to valves

Pickup squeeze bottle of the snoop ( mixed, water and dove dish liquid )

Squeeze out snoop onto valve body making sure to saturate it all around effected area

Push the 15 sec timer

Watch for bubbles forming on the outside of the body casting

Reject valve if any reoccurring bubbles form on the body

Circle the leak spot with marker

Put failed valve into red bin

Rinse off snoop in bucket of rinse solution ( mixed, water and martron )

Blow off excess water

Check valves that they have the following in place ( handle, rivet, washer, nameplate and yellow tag )

If all in place aside to box

Fill box with 50 valves

Re-tape box top

Put second green dot beside the existing green dot

Write clock number on top of box in one of the corners

When pallet has 1800 valves on it put the failed valves on top

Get with the leader in t&p dept. to have the pallet removed
Positive "Can Do" Attitude
The ability to work in a team environment
Being able to work accurately at a rapid pace and follow detailed instructions is key
No prior experience necessary, on the job training is provided

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