Electronics Technician III - 1st Shift Laconia Area

Electronics Technician
First Shift
Summary of Position:
Work under limited supervision, responsible for varied electronic repairs and maintenance of machinery and equipment, determine cause of failure to the component level for electrical problems and to the board level for computer problem. Conduct preventive maintenance on a large variety of machinery and equipment throughout the facility. This may include electric/electronic production equipment and office equipment, as well as building services equipment. Determine cause of failure of equipment and effect an appropriate repair. Diagnostic work may be of a difficult nature. Notify Maintenance Supervisor of needed materials which are not readily available but required for the repair, as well as to reorder supplies used. Plan and perform assorted maintenance functions such as installation, repair and replacement of components, new equipment, etc. May be required to build various electrical/electronic systems in accordance with supplied schematics for test or production system. May be required to perform associated minor mechanical maintenance functions in conjunction with electronic responsibilities. May be asked to test, or participate in testing, sprinkler systems, fire alarms systems, emergency response systems, etc. Notify Maintenance Supervisor of any problems detected or requiring attention, which results from inspections, observation, and/or testing procedures. Other related duties.

Specific Duties:. Electronic repairs and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Diagnose problems and handle according to company policy and procedure. Conduct preventive maintenance on a large variety of machinery and equipment. Mechanical and electrical ability. Plan and perform assorted maintenance functions. Build various electrical/electronic systems as required.

Job Knowledge and Learning Time: High School diploma or equivalent preferred, education training in shop math, blueprint reading and machine tool trades. Strong mechanical aptitude. Must have prior experience. Training period, three (3) months to twenty-four (24) months.

Problem Solving/Decision Making: Requires the use of outstanding judgment to follow instructions and standard operating procedures.

Physical Effort: Must be able to occasionally lift 25+lbs. Must be able to stand, walk, bend, and lift. This position can be both mentally and physically demanding.

Working environment: Work under limited supervision. The following safety equipment is needed to perform this position: steel toed shoes/boots, ear plugs, and safety glasses. Exposure to heat, dust, dirt, fumes, and noise.

Safety Hazards: Inattention, thoughtlessness or improper operation of equipment or performance of duties may cause injury to self or others.

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