CNC Setup and Operate


Setup and Operate various types of computer numerically controlled machines, and other assorted secondary operation machines to produce product in accordance with production needs and standard operating procedure. May operate with various types of controllers. Other duties as assigned. Routine housekeeping and 6-S activities.


Strip prior job and prepare machine for setup.

Obtain setup and check to insure all needed components are included in proper (sharp) condition for setup.

Set machine up in accordance with printed setup sheets and by generally accepted machining principles, in order to maximize efficiency of job, and to insure proper machining of parts.

Prepare the first piece inspection in accordance with company policy.

If required, submit first piece to quality control department for inspection.

Obtain and load proper bar stock to machines.

Operate machines introduction mode, when not engaged in a setup.

Make minor and/or major adjustments to machinery to insure that production stays within established quality parameters.

Perform resets which involve tool changes, re-sharpening, etc.

Completion of production records such as recap cards and pan tickets.

Assist in securing proper paperwork for operators within your compliment of machines.

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