Shipping and Recieving Crew - Littleton Area

Overall Responsibility The shipping and receiving crew is responsible for all work related activities in the shipping and receiving cooler. The crew is also responsible for communication and support of the loader crew, communication and support of the line workers and box taper crews and all cooler related activities. The crew must work independently from communications relating to the days production needs either from the Shipping and receiving Manager, QA Manager, Plant Manager and/or the Production and Operations Manager.

On time punctuality and good attendance (6:30AM start)

Support the loader crew throughout the day with stocking of product

Support the line workers and box taper crew by pulling finished product

Fill partial cases, crax and dirt pallets

Rotate inventory with the older dates in front

Fill out pick tickets correctly with the date, time, jack# and initials

Fill out daily the incoming materials log for product, chemicals or materials

Fill out trailer inspection forms completely and correctly for each load

Maintain 18” along all exterior walls

Keep coolers swept, clean and organized utilizing downtime

Maintain electric jacks, plugging them in at days end

Comply with all food safety procedures, regulatory requirements and process efficiency

Report any food safety issues to any Manager

Follow all workplace safety procedures per safety training

End of day housekeeping and remove all finished product, crax and dirt’s from production floor

Any and all other duties as assigned

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