Loader Crew

Overall Responsibility - The Loader Crew position is responsible for all work related activities on the dirty side of the processing plant. The Loader Crew is responsible for staging and loading products for the daily production per the Quality Assurance blending plan.

On time punctuality and good attendance (Lead person to be here at 5:30am)

Clean wash filters

Stage products for production per QA blending plan (receiving dept. to assist)

Turn on wash soaps and wash tanks prior to processing

Load product per blending plan at processing start

Test wash water and control points at processing start / stop process if test deviated from ranges per USDA

Change wash water and test control points every (4) hours per USDA

Initiate lot swaps for accurate counts

Segregate materials and maintain exterior wall spacing

Record accurate run times

General housekeeping includes (cleaning wash screens as needed, organization of materials, cleaning of floors, emptying and cleaning of rubbish cans)

Comply with all food safety procedures, regulatory requirements and process efficiency

Report any food safety issues to any Manager

Follow all workplace safety procedures per safety training

Finish paperwork accurately at days end, dump rubbish and clean work area

Comply with Food Safety and GMP requirements at all times

Any and all other duties as assigned

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